Justice  for Izabel

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To honor Izabel, and raise awareness of the impact of the practice of public shaming

On Friday, May 29 2015, Izabel jumped out of a moving car and jumped off the 48th Street Bridge near Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma. A few days before, a video was observed on social media:

''...a 15 second video showed up online. It showed a young girl who appeared to be twelve or thirteen years old. She’s standing in a room looking at the phone camera. She appears to be afraid. The camera then shows the floor where there is a pile of long black hair. A taunting male voice says, “The consequences of getting messed up? Man, you lost all that beautiful hair. Was it worth it?”

The girl stares at her hair on the floor. She very quietly says, “No.”

“How many times did I warn you?”

She almost inaudibly says, “Twice.”

He then says, “Okay.” as if he has proved a point. The video ends."

--Jack Cameron 


...much visibility is given to children being bullied at school. hopefully, this young woman's death will end up focusing some attention on bullying that so very many children recieve...bullying at home. and when the family inevitably speaks, when they do inevitably paint this as some mental health issue belonging to this young woman...do not forget: children's earliest and most enduring (and sometimes fatal) beliefs about themselves are formed at the hands of their caregivers.